Everland Foods - Rajinder Bagga, CEO
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At Everland Foods, we have always seen the bigger picture; profit has never been our driving force.

Being a principal driven company has allowed us to flourish while continuing to produce quality Canadian-made, organic foods for you and your family.

Family is something that we don’t take for granted at Everland.

Every person who works at Everland is family and it is our job to support, encourage and elevate each other because we believe a positive work environment naturally lends itself to the care and consideration that goes into making our food. With over 300 products being locally made, we strive to make sure we are accommodating the food needs of our customers. Whether someone is celiac, vegan, or is just trying to live a healthier life, we pride ourselves on making healthy, flavourful, organic food that you can feel good about eating.

We also want you to feel good about our environmentally sustainable practices.

Our earth-friendly practices include minimal packaging, BPA-free cans and glass bottles. A majority of our packaging is recyclable and it is our ongoing mission to find new and innovative ways to help protect our planet.

At Everland Foods, we believe that giving back is an essential part of living a mindful and happy life.

Whether we are supporting local charities or contributing to a global effort, Everland Foods believes in lending a helping hand to those in need because at the end of the day, we are all in this together.

Together with my Everland family, I am committed to working towards further success and the pursuit of health and well being for all.


—Rajinder Bagga, CEO, Everland Foods

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