Our organic products are QAI certified and all our products and facilities are certified BC Kosher.


The rich flavours of our foods come from natural ingredients and not from excessive amounts of sugar and salt; many of our products have no sugar added and are low in sodium. Our Everland Products are made without adding anything extra, which means the list of ingredients on each product, is easily understood. In promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle, all our Everland products are vegetarian and majority are vegan.


At Everland, we do 6 Things!

Support organic farming

Our organic products are made using only organic ingredients, grown by farmers who work to maintain soil nutrients, using sustainable farming practices without the use of synthetic fertilizers. The Everland manufacturing facility is certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International). Our organic certification represents the acknowledgement that we have a custodial obligation to protect our environment and ensure a healthy and delicious food product.

Produce and promote vegan & vegetarian foods

Everland promotes a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness, that is why all our products are vegetarian and a majority are vegan; this means our manufacturing facilities omit the use of all animal products, with the exception of honey. This reduces the use of fossil fuels, green house gases, water pollution and deforestation.

Find sustainable packaging alternatives

Due to concerns for the environment and quality control, at Everland we strive to source our ingredients as locally as possible. Everland products are packaged in recyclable glass and plastic, while keeping the packaging to a minimum. This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also keeps our foods fresh, healthy and enjoyable. Everland confections are packaged in a biodegradable natural container made from corn.

Offer our products in bulk sizes

At Everland we offer granola breakfast cereal in economical 2lb sizes and nut butters in 1 kg sizes. This makes our product to package ratio very high. The fact that it is made in Canada reduces transportation costs and minimizes the use of fossil fuels, thus helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Everland products are also transported in 100% recyclable cardboard cases. Buying larger sizes means fewer trips to the store and this simple choice can make a big difference to the amount of garbage ending in the landfills.

Follow environmentally sustainable business practices

Everland Foods follows environmentally sustainable business practices such as recycling, minimizing packaging, waste elimination, use of sky lights in our facility to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency.

Support global charitable initiatives

Everland Foods supports local and global communities such as the Canadian Red Cross, Big Brothers, the T.E Young Entrepreneurs program and the Elite Leadership Conference at the University of British Columbia. Between 2010 and 2012, the company has provided more than $13,000 in donations to such charities and programs.

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