Our Story

as told by Kulwant Bagga, President & Co-Founder of Everland Foods

Our story starts back in 1960 in India, I was an eleven year old boy who had just started to work at my family’s confectionery manufacturing business. Of course like any child, I would have rather been playing with my friends, but in India, working at a young age with your family is very common. I worked with my family for ten years and over that time, I discovered I had a strong passion for food and the food industry.

When I was twenty-one years old, I decided to leave India and move to Canada.

Although it was hard to leave my family, I knew the opportunities in Canada would be invaluable. My goals were to continue my family’s legacy in the food industry and eventually bring my family to Canada for a better life. In 1978, I opened Sweet Cherub Natural Foods and Restaurant in Vancouver.

At that time, people were not looking at food labels for words like organic, gluten-free, vegan or locally sourced.

In India, locally sourced, plant-based foods were a way of life but in Canada, processed foods were more popular than ever. It was risky to invest everything I had into a niche business but I knew in my heart, that it was what I was supposed to be doing. My brother Rajinder joined me in 1980 and we opened additional stores. In the back of one of our locations, with only a small flourmill, a grinder and an oven, we began to produce our own brand of affordable organic foods to sell to our customers.

My goals were being realized as more of my family was able to join me in Canada.

My other brother Jawahar joined us in 1998 and we eventually expanded into the manufacturing side of the business in order to keep up with the growing demand for our popular organic foods. In 2005 Everland Foods was created and my son Chetan and brother-in-law Vinod joined the company. Today we are producing over 300 products in our Burnaby facility and selling them all over Canada. Our store (Sweet Cherub Organic & Natural Food Store on Commercial Drive) is still in business today and is known as the oldest standing health food store in Vancouver.

As Everland Foods thrives, we never forget where we started.

It is our journey that has allowed us to make these great organic foods without compromise.

Here is to eating well and living well.